Dallas Attorney Handles All Types of Oil and Gas Disputes Across the Country

There are few places an exploration or oil field services company can turn to for expert legal advice and representation. Goldman Law, PC, based in Dallas, is one such law firm. As the former chair of the Dallas Bar Energy Law Section, Michael Goldman is intimately familiar with the varied disputes that arise from the oil and gas industry, including:

  • Exploration and production disputes.
  • Royalty disputes.
  • Product and service contracts disputes.
  • Property owners’ disputes.
  • Business litigation disputes.
  • Employment disputes.
  • Municipal litigation.
  • Personal injury and wrongful death.

Goldman Law, PC provides a full range of litigation services to exploration and production companies, drilling and energy service companies, transportation and pipeline companies, joint ventures, and field services companies. If you have a dispute related to an oil and gas matter, we can help.

Choosing the Right Oil and Gas Lawyer

In addition to our past experience, what sets us apart is our willingness to enter into alternative fee arrangements. Hourly arrangements have been the norm in the past. However, for many clients, the hourly arrangement is simply not acceptable, as cases tried on an hourly basis can easily become prohibitively costly. However, when representing a plaintiff, we are open to representing the client on a contingency basis. When representing the defendant, we may be able to defend the matter based upon fixed fees for certain phases of the litigation.

Call our office today for an evaluation of your oil and gas dispute and to find out more about the possibility of an alternative fee arrangement.