How are sites ranked and prioritized in the Texas Dry Cleaner Remediation Program?

In order for a site to be eligible for State cleanup under the DCRP, an eligible person must submit a ranking application.  The DCRP application requires site specific information, including a receptor survey, a site map showing the location of dry cleaning equipment, and a sufficient number of environmental samples, including groundwater samples, to document that a release of dry cleaning solvents has occurred.

The State requires a $5,000 per site deductible, which can be met by a demonstration that the applicant has spent that much money in site investigation costs.  TCEQ is to assign a rank for a site based on information contained in the ranking application.   Non-emergency sites are ranked in order of relative significance.   The ranking procedures are set forth in TCEQ’s rules.   Based on those procedures, TCEQ assigns a numerical score for the applying site.  The ranking is considered by TCEQ to be a measure of the potential for the release to impact receptors.  TCEQ is to assign ranking to a site within ninety (90) days of receiving a ranking application.

The State also makes a separate prioritization determination for ranked sites.  That determination is to be made semi-annually.   TCEQ will consider factors in addition to a site’s ranking score, such as the amount of money in the fund, and whether interim or immediate action may prove cost effective by reducing the future costs necessary for remediation of the site.  The relative priority, among ranked sites, can change, particularly as new sites apply and are assigned a site ranking.

You can learn more about the Texas Dry Cleaner Remediation Program at the TCEQ’s website at:

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